The images are all around us! The photos, posters and wallpapers have become preferable lately. The diversity of colors make us feel relaxed and smiled.
Today the interior could be changed within hours, even minutes thanks to the contemporary printing technology.

Below, you could find some of the main approaches which Dot Color use to take place for any length of time at the Interior market:

  • Exhibition Stands – The Stands are gaining more and more attention.
  • Posters – The advertising through this way stays low budget.
  • Floor Stickers – The massive used in the Supermarket chains.
  • Art – calendar – printed onto canvas – an unique collaboration between the ordinary and extraordinary design.
  • Decals – The most used way of advert ever.
  • Furnish decoration
  • Wallpaper & Textile ,It could be easily put on the wall. It might has itself a glue film, so the exchange is easy as never before.
  • Carpets
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