The Outside advertising is a powerful marketing implement with singular brand image effect. This is the reason the outdoor advertising is the most common as an instrument in communication routes.

Dot Color Ltd is wide format digital printing agency for advertising materials – outdoor and indoor solutions as well.

The high quality modern technology provide us an opportunity for perfect performance on different goods, as follow:

  • Billboards
  • Megaboards
  • Signs
  • Advertising panels
  • Transparent
  • Mesh
  • Vehicle branding

Dot Color has an in- house team of professionals dealing with account management who make sure that the client`s needs have been met from the genesis of their project to the very end of their campaigns.

Throughout past years Dot Color has broadened its business horizons by taking part in international exhibitions Viscom in Germany, FESPA in Germany, Reklama Polygraf in Czech Republic. With the connections established at the expositions, the agency has gained new international clients from Belgium, Germany, The Netherlands, France and is looking to take its business even further.

The production of advertising materials is Dot Color’s focus, but it is not where the agency’s capabilities or responsibilities end.
The company has installation teams across country in Bulgaria, ultimately covering its entire territory in terms of points which can be reached and branded.

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